We extract your uniqueness and help you turn it into a thriving business.

The Alignment Engine is a first-of-its-kind program for entrepreneurs who feel they don't fit in the mold of the generic business model. Often they've tried other growth solutions and felt like they weren't the right fit. They value authenticity and expression. They revel in creative and spiritual flow. And they know—individuality is not optional. We recognize that a business can only flow when it's designed around the uniqueness of its founder. Which is exactly what we do.

What's Included

Launch & build a fully soul-aligned business in 90 days, positioned for 6-figures and beyond.

  • A 90-day experience in all aspects of building a soul-aligned business

  • Lifetime access to all 5 phases of course material

  • Lifetime community access

  • Unlimited collaboration on your business within our community

  • NOW INCLUDED! Get our I Am Experience course as a free bonus ($997 value)

Results to Expect

What we help you accomplish.

  • You will get crystal clear on how you can best communicate, serve and operate for your unique strengths, personality and purpose

  • You will restructure (or launch) your business to be in total alignment with this uniqueness

  • You will awaken mastery over your mindset, for unlimited growth potential

  • You will activate ease, fun and flow in your day-to-day operations

  • You will monetize your product or service through launch methods designed to align with your personality and style of communication

  • You will then stabilize growth by creating systems that automate your uniqueness

  • By the end of the program, you will have the building blocks in place to generate a sustainable 6-figures in profit, positioned to grow to whatever revenue and lifestyle goal you desire.

Payment Options